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Mykel Hawke ® Brand

Mykel Hawke has developed MYKEL HAWKE ® Brand: the ultimate survival knives and products.

Hawke says: "Every one of the Mykel Hawke ® Brand products comes from my head and heart as I experienced.  There are lots of smart people out there and there are many tools.  I always try new ones and old ones and find, that it could be just a bit better if I could make it like this or that.  The one thing that must ring true in all my products is solid quality at real value.  Those are principles of my Special Forces community and the standards American people expect from one of their military officers.  And that is exactly why the Hawke ® Brand is a perfect fit."


Mykel Hawke Brand Products


Get the new HAWKE BRAND ®
Mil Spec Monkey Morale Patch!

Hawke Brand Mil Spec Patch

Arrowhead Set!

Hawke Brand Arrowheads

Mykel and Ruth used the Hellion knives, original and Elite respectively, in the Mexico episode of The Discovery Channel's Man, Woman, Wild, Season One.

PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW. Mykel Hawke teamed up with TOPS Knives to make the ultimate pair of survival knives: Hawke's Hellion Survivor 2020 and the smaller/lighter Elite model.  Hawke has designed these knives specifically for maximum function and efficiency for the survivor.  His years of real field experience and dirt time found most other blades lacking in one or more areas.  TOPS Knife Makers have a combined 100 years of real field, rescue, law, combat, and special ops experience. Together, they have created two of the most useful all-purpose utilitarian survival knives ever made.

Mykel Hawke Products by SMKW SMKW Catalog

MYKEL HAWKE ® Brand knives and survival tools are NOW AVAILABLE from many dealers, with more being added every day!  Watch Hawke's video PROMO.  Check out the entire LINE and watch for Hawke's guest appearances at trade shows around the country.

These products were developed as a more lightweight and less expensive version of my heavier knives, but just as durable.   Some images of the folders are below. Watch videos on our YouTube Channel.

  • Hawke Folders Folded


  • Hawke Folders Unfolded


  • Hawke Folders With Flip Out Handles

    With Flip Out Handles

  • Hawke Mini Folder

    Mini Folder

A few more of the products developed by Hawke and Smoky Mountain Knife Works (SMKW).

  • Hawke HASP

    The HASP*

  • Hawke-chete


  • Hawke Folding Knife

    Hawke Daddy Folding

  • Hawke's Survival Kit

    Hawke's Survival Kit

*Mykel Hawke would like to especially thank FOX Knives USA for developing the proto-type Hawke-chete and the proto-type HASP and co-designing the patented flipout hand guard, all now available from Mykel Hawke ® Brand Knives. Hawke supports FOX Knives USA as a quality brand and looks forward to the special edition Fox versions when available.

TOPS Knives


As of February 1, 2013, TOPS Knives will no longer make the Hellion Survivor 2020. TOPS will stop making both the heavy weight version of the knife, "The Berserker," and the lighter weight blade, "The ELITE."

Mykel Hawke supports TOPS Knives as one of the best American knife-makers in the U.S. and will be forever thankful to them for making his first knife design. TOPS Knives will continue to sell the Hellions until their stock is depleted. Once depleted, this famous design will be retired and no longer be manufactured. To order the last of these blades, rated the best in class by all the knife magazines, please go to the TOPS Knives website to place your order before they are sold out. Mykel Hawke thanks M.F. & TOPS Knives and all of you who support the Hawke Knife and his survival ethos.

For a closer look at the Hellion Survivor 2020, here is a SCHEMATIC.

Hawke's Hellion Survivor 2020
Hawke's Hellion Survivor 2020
  • Specifications
  • Overall Length: 1 4.5"
  • Blade Length: 9"
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16"
  • Blade Steel: 5160 RC 56 - 58
  • Handle: Black Linen Micarta
  • Blade Coating: Black Traction Epoxy Hybrid (Powder Coat)
  • Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.
  • Weight w/Sheath: 1 lb. 10.2 oz.

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Hawke's Hellion Elite
  • Specifications
  • Overall Length: 12"
  • Blade Length: 6 3/4"
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16"
  • Steel: 51-60 RC 56-58
  • Handle: Black Linen Micarta
  • Blade Coating: Black Traction Epoxy Hybrid (Powder Coat)
  • Weight: 13 oz.
  • Weight w/ Sheath: 18 oz.

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Christian, of Outdoor Wisdom and Learning says: "Just to let you know that the other day I was using some tyres for various reasons (survival and recycling hand-in-hand) and needed to cut them down.   I only had my Hellion 2020 with me but with a little bit of effort I was able to cut through the tyre walls on 6 tyres.   When I checked the blade it was still as sharp as when I started. A truly great knife!"

Wilson's Wilderness says: Learning to use the tools you have to make your time more comfortable (such as having utensils for eating) not only focuses your mind but also helps aid you in all aspects of your survival.  Making the Hawkes Hellion Survivor so functional in performing a multitude of tasks, proves to me that Mykel Hawke and TOPS Knives had that very thought in their minds when designing this tool.  Read the rest of their REVIEW.

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