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Mykel and Ruth star in the new Travel Channel series, Lost Survivors, premiering Tuesday, November 12th at 11 P.M. (EST).

From The Travel Channel: Mykel Hawke and Ruth England-Hawke, the reigning king and queen of survival, are facing their biggest challenge yet…and they have no way to prepare for it.  In LOST SURVIVORS this married couple is blindly dropped in an undisclosed location, and forced to use their survival knowledge to identify where they are, and how to get back to civilization.  With minimal supplies and only a few precious clues, the Hawkes put their skills and relationship to the ultimate test as they rely on expertise, instinct and the strength of each other to climb, crawl and claw their way through forbidding landscapes.

Lost Survivors


Previous Shows

Mykel Hawke recently starred as the host of the Outdoor Channel series Elite Tactical Unit, a character-driven, adrenaline-fueled reality show featuring the fierce competition between active-duty S.W.A.T. officers who were put into realistic missions that were both mentally rigorous and physically dangerous.  The S.W.A.T. operators were divided into two seven-person teams as they competed in weekly team elimination challenges until only two remained.



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Mykel Hawke, host of Elite Tactical Unit

MAN WOMAN WILD and ONE MAN ARMY have ended, but are currently being shown in world-wide distribution.

Man Woman Wild and One Man Army

Man, Woman, Wild

From Discovery: "Mykel Hawke is a former Special Forces survival expert.  His wife Ruth is a TV journalist.  Together, they take on some of the most forbidding and remote locations around the world.  Dropped into each spot they must survive as a team for four days and nights, with only a knife and the clothes on their backs.  As they test their will and their marriage, the two find common ground standing up to nature as husband and wife in the wildest places on Earth."

One Man Army


From Discovery: "What do you get when you pit elite military, extreme sports and law enforcement operatives against one another? A competition series where the toughest of the tough go head to head in events that would sideline regular contestants in an instant. Hosted by Mykel Hawke, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret."

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